Business and private charters for safe travel

The trips are made in the latest generation units, with permanent speed control, monitoring via GPS from the central, trained and evaluated drivers, complying with the rules of the national commission for transport regulation (cnrt). We are a company with iram certification (road safety standard) and we are on the way to ISO 9001 certification (quality standard).

The quality of a trip is measured by the comfort and safety of arriving in time and form to the place you want.


They rely on our door to door service

OSDE McCain CIO Radio Brisas AMOF Lubriser DODO Museo del Mar

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Transport service door to door
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MdP to Capital

Martes a Sábados: 7Hs
Domingos a las 16hs.

$ 2400

Capital to MdP

Lunes a las 8hs
Martes a Sábados: 15:30hs

$ 2400

Transport service door to door IRAM