Transport service door to door

We offer a highly qualified door to door transport service, with daily departures designed according to the passenger and their needs. We have minibuses of 15, 19 and 24 passengers traveling from home to home with travel:

  • Mar del Plata – Buenos Aires (CABA)
  • Buenos Aires (CABA) - Mar del Plata


An area designed for those who wish to rent units for the transfer of passengers through the service of charters and corporate special trips, with the possibility of choosing origin and destination, adjusting the times to the needs of those who hire the service. More Information


  • Last Generation Units
  • Permanent Speed Control
  • Central Monitoring through GPS
  • Enabled and Trained Drivers
  • Fullfillment of the Road Safety Laws according to the CNRT (National Entity in charge of Road Safety and Transport)


  • Reclining Seats with Armrests
  • Air-conditioned Environment
  • Snack on board
  • Own online content channel
  • Units Constantly Communicated with the base


  • Daily Services
  • Door to Door
  • On-line and Telephone Booking and Payment of Tickets

We have:

  • Daily Services

  • Transport Service Door to Door

  • Reclining Seats with Armrests

  • Air-conditioned Environment

  • Satellite Monitoring

  • Movies on board

The best Way to Travel
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MdP to Capital

Viernes a las 7:00Hs
Domingos a las 16:00hs.

$ 4800

Capital to MdP

Lunes a las 8:00hs
Viernes a las 15:30hs

$ 4800

Transport service door to door IRAM