Terms and Conditions

User rights

Passes, Franchise & Special Fees

Services Categories

The user must know the comodities of each category to control that the hired service is in fact the one written on the ticket, and finally, the one that the company is giving.

Ticket's Return

If the company cancels the trip, it will return the total amount of the ticket.

If the user rejects the trip, a proportion of the fee is recognized for a future trip, according to the anticipation of the ticket return:

Credit / debit card policy

If you cancel a ticket paid by credit card or debit card , the balance will not be refunded . the amount in favor , with 12 months of validity- can be used for an upcoming trip paying the corresponding difference .


When returning the balance in favor of a passage paid in cash is requested, the ticket must be submitted online payment boxes , without exception.


Loss or damage


Consolidated services

In case that the company, for any reason, decided to consolidate two or more services in one:

User Obligations

Company Obligations


Include the following data in the ticket:

The ticket must contain a script with the following text: “This ticket entitles the free transportation of up to fifteen (15) kilograms”.



Driver Obligations

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MdP to Capital

Viernes a las 7:00Hs
Domingos a las 16:00hs.

$ 4800

Capital to MdP

Lunes a las 8:00hs
Viernes a las 15:30hs

$ 4800

Transport service door to door IRAM